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 48 Count    
 M&M's Plain M&M's Peanut  Snickers 


36 Count    
$100,000 Bar Hershey's Cookie & Creme Rolo
Almond Joy Hershey's Plain Skittles (3 flavors)
Bit-o-Honey KitKat Skor
Butterfinger 3 Muskateers Starburst (3 flavors)
Chewy Spree Roll Nerds Sweetarts Roll
Chew Sweetarts Regular Spree Roll Twix
Fun Dip Reese's Cup Whatchamacallit
Hershey's Almond Reese's Pieces York Patties


24 Count    
Babe Ruth Mike & Ike Sour Patch Kids
Brite Crawlers Necco Wafer Sour Punch
Chewy Runts Now & Later Skittles Sour
Chewy Mini Sweetarts Payday Skittles Riddle
Cry Baby Rainblo Gum Skittles Morph
Gobstoppers Rip Rolls Starburst
Heath Bar Rude Dudes Sugar Babies
Hot Tamales Runts Sunflower Seeds
Lifesaver Chews Snickers Almond Whoppers
Mamba Shocktart Roll  


18 Count    
Airhead Extreme Belts Snickers Peanut Butter Warhead Cubes


15 Count    
Warhead Sour Twist    


Also Available (Enquire for quantity / price)  
Apple Caramel Suckers Chick Sticks Flinstone Straws
Fun Dip Geckos Jolly Rancher Suckers
Jungle Jollies Longboys Rainblo Gum
Sugar Daddys Sweet & Sour Suckers Top Pops
Fruit Slices Mary Janes Orange Slices
Peanut Butter Bars Peppermint Lumps Pixy Stix
Hamburgers Hotdogs Safty Pops
Assorted Tootsie Pops Dum Dums Jars Laffy Taffy
Jars Longboys Jars Now & Laters Jars Soft Now & Laters
Assorted Candy Jars Banana Splits Jars Mary Janes
Jars Tootsie Rolls Frooties (Tootsie Rolls) Super Bubble


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